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Hi, my name is Amanda, I’m a jewellery designer and the owner of Porch at the Old School in Woore, where I live with my husband, Les. We have four children, but most of them are now grown up and off doing their own thing. So, we thought to ourselves, ‘what shall we do with all the space we now have?’.  I’ve wanted to run my own gift shop for a while, so we started, quite small, in the Porch – but now we’ve moved the shop into the main room of the house (what used to be the hall for the school). I try and source beautiful design-led and British made gifts that are just a little out of the ordinary. I also stock my own handmade jewellery and my husband, Les has a small photography gallery at the back of the shop where he also sells his Creative, one-man magazine – Elsie. We are also running creative events and courses in the space. Please feel free to pop in and take a look, you’re very welcome.

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