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Meet the Designer : Nick Munro

Nick Munro has been a friend of ours for more years than we care to mention – he’s a fantastic designer who has worked
with many leading brands such as Wedgwood, Fired Earth, Waterford Crystal and P&O Cruise Ships as well as running
his own shop in Chester. He’s recently opened a concession shop in Harvey Nichols in London.

We caught up with him for a few quick fire questions.

1. How did you first get into product design?

Studied engineering and decided I liked the creative element best so went to art school and came up
with the silly idea of turning bed springs into eggcups! They were an instant hit which won me the prizE
of UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year – which was a great first step on the ladder.

2. What is your approach to product design?
Simple, elegant proportions and detail, detail, detail. Add to that a never say die stubbornness until the
product functions perfectly and that’s pretty much what I’m all about!

3. Which part of the process do you enjoy/dislike the most?
I love the ideas part – starting with a blank sheet of paper a seeing and feeling the designs emerge – there’s always
an excitement when you feel that yore onto something good. On the flip sided I don’t so much enjoy the toil through
the development part of the process.

4. How do you decide on what your next product should be?
It’s a continuing story so the next chapter keeps presenting itself…which is great! I don’t tend to overthink things
or try and predict where I’m going next too much – I like to respond to the opportunities that come along…and Ive
been very fortunate in that the opportunities have kept coming over the years.

5. What should people expect from a Nick Munro design?
Craft, glamour, engineering and beauty…in a nutshell!

6. Anything else to add?
No product gets into production unless it passes the acid test – ‘is it good enough to steal?’

We stock Nick’s teapots, coffee pots, watches and cufflinks at Porch – pop along and take a look.


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